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Angry Birds for coloring

Angry Birds, el primero
Angry Birds,
the first

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons

Angry birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space

More about Angry Birds

Página oficial del juego
Official site to download the game Angry Birds.

Rovio, los genios finlandeses
Rovio, the Finnish geniuses who created Angry Birds


Angry Birds coloring pages printable

(printable coloring pictures)

We present this collection of Angry Birds drawings for coloring printable, which are from all the different Angry Birds games. We hope that your children have as much fun as our children.

You can save the Angry Birds drawings to your disk, print or do whatever you want with them, but it is strictly forbidden to link directly to the images.

Angry Birds coloring.
Angry Birds Rio coloring.
Angry Birds Seasons coloring.
Angry Birds Space coloring.


The Angry Birds are games made by the Finnish company Rovio. We have no affiliation with Rovio but do congratulate them on this fantastic game! Many children in the world are learning the most basic concepts of Newtonian physics by playing Angry Birds.

If you are interested in any of the versions of the Angry Birds game, visit the official website to download Angry Birds. There you will find all the original games as well as Angry Birds merchandise, such as toys and other products.

Should you have any questions or good ideas for improving our website, please contact us.

  • ITALIANO: Angry Bird da stampare e colorare, per bambini.
  • FRENCH: Angry Birds à colorier et à imprimer (dessins).
  • GERMAN: Angry Birds Bilder zum Ausmalen.
  • ARABIAN: غاضب الطيور تلوين الصور.
  • CHINESE: 愤怒的小鸟 着色 的图片。
  • JAPANESE: 怒っている鳥 は写真を 着色。
  • KOREAN: 화난 새들이 사진을 색칠.


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